Forest Dream
@ [Joakim Verona] | Monday, Mar 8, 2021 | 1 minutes read | Update at Monday, Mar 8, 2021

I'm outside a forest.

Burning monkeys run out of the forest.

Peasants stand petrified watching the monkeys.

I enter the forest fighting whats within

Somewhere, there's three pilars of steel.

But theres way too many little people.

They drag me down.

I die in the forest.

Later I wake up, drowsily I walk about.

I find my body under a bush.

My body's naked and almost transparent. All life is gone, my leg is cut off.

I find a handsaw and a sawn off rubber-glove clad hand.

The hand bleeds a thick blue liquid.


Somewhere in the forest, there is a house where theres a party, lot of happy animals in the house.

I go there

Suddenly all goes very quiet.

It's dark and only the Moon shines.

A creature, like a cross between an astronaut and an easter-island statue grows out of the air.

Slowly it goes towards me, going up the stairs.

I shoot it, but it cannot die.

It's evil!

It's a small boy with evil eyes and a roman tunik.

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