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We flee from the Glassheads.

The landscape is uncomforting.

We swim to escape through a pool, large as a lake. We climb the tree clad mountain at the other side.

The forest and snow slow us down.

We catch a Glasshead! We try to crack its skull, but it's too hard. We bury it in snow and hope for the best.

I loose my friends in the snow. Only I remain now. Snakey mecha dendrites grow ever closer. They catch me.

A Glasshead, in the shape of a girl, aproaches. It wears a black leather dress, and a frozen voodoo smile.

"What are you", I spit in anger.

We fly back, now, to the city of the Glassheads. The jet bikes roar. My captors black and red capes flow in the wind.

We are brought before the court. The Glasshead we buried and I. The Glassheads judges discuss with white static noise. Our punishment decided. Mine for fleeing, my hunters for failing.

The Glasshead brain is dissasembled, in glassy slices.

One by one they are inserted in my brain, like an egg slicer. Slice by slice we become one.

They finally understand us. And much worse, I understand them.

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