The Grid 1.0
@ [Joakim Verona] | Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021 | 2 minutes read | Update at Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021

The grid is coming for you


Aparently the brain operates at four distinct frequencies, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta

Here I experiment with inducing the particular frequencies, electrically, combining a Moog analogue synthesizer and a muscle stimulator

The shades of pain are quite different depending on the waveform

It doesnt work too well, so continue with more traditional means of achieving trance, which I'm normaly good at

Concentrating on things far away

Working with breathing

Sound, lighting

I continue with the electronics, trying to find the right pattern

The familiar hypnagogic views appear

But then something happens

The world folds up in a cone

It's a way to view the world, the weird thing being higher order objects appearing as iconified handles on data structures

The cone folds further and displays itself as a n-dimensional grid

Entitities that don't care for appearance are there. They notice me

At this point im as scared as I ever was or ever will be

I'm not allowed here.

The scale is incomprehensible yet I'm somehow made aware of it

I am to be purged.

Something snaps. I'm back.

No time has passed. At all.

Here I make a very simple decision.

Humans didn't evolve to cope with the full complexity of the world we live in. We can model it, imagine it, talk about it. Should we actually experience it, we will burn like moths on a candle.

I dismantle my esoteric ambitions. From here onwards, I resign myself to being a guest in the consensus reality. There is nothing to see here, that hasn't already been covered by mindless dimwitted twits in TV sofas.

But I decide that it will be good enough. I will no longer just endure normality. I will embrace it.

I will embrace it like a thorny rose that draws my lifeblood and makes it drop to the fertile soil, back to where it secretly longs.

The grid I saw, many years ago. Now just a hazy memory.

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